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The Kitty Crew Reviews Catit for Petco

The Kitty Crew reviews Catit Senses Food Cat Toy

The Kitty Crew was so excited when Petco contacted them to see what they thought of two exciting products from Catit that are available in stores and on their website.

With great anticipation, big brother, Alvarado and big sis, Mary Claire waited for the human to come home and open the boxes containing the products. Of course, being curious kitties, both of them thoroughly investigated the boxes and found out how comfy they were to lay on top of.

The first box that was opened contained the Catit Senses Food Cat Toy. This was very cool. The cats really loved the futuristic vibe to the food tree. Now, if you have read our blog for anytime now, you know that Alvarado and Mary Claire LOVE to eat. The human has tried other feeders for their dry kibble to slow them down and work for their food a little bit so that they are not gulping or just randomly eating.

What we all liked about this food feeder, along with the design, was the various levels it has. The kitties could play around with it and put their paw in the various openings and watch the kibble go from level to level. The kitties were thoroughly engaged and they really had a fun time. Another benefit, the feeder is very easy to clean! Always a big plus, the human says.

Watch video of The Kitty Crew using the Catit-Senses Food Tree Cat Toy:

The other box from Petco and Catit contained the cat scratcher. Again, we all loved the fun color of the product and it has a different shape to the scratcher from most we have tried. I must say, we were a little worried that the kitties would be too big for the scratcher. Let’s just say that Alvarado and Mary Claire are very fluffy. BOL!

Watch video of The Kitty Crew using the Catit-Senses Cat Scratcher:

Our worries were eliminated soon after set up. Alvarado. All 20 lbs. of him, dug his nails in the scratcher and had a blast. Mary Claire, ever the shy girl, watched Al intently and once the scratcher was free, she had her turn at the fun. I tried it too but it was more fun barking at the kitties when they were using it.

Sometimes with scratchers, the cardboard gets worn out very quickly but not in this case. What is really cool is that you can rearrange the various levels (or discs) of scratchers to allow them to wear down evenly and not just on one side like most scratchers do.

All and all, the two products that Petco so graciously allowed the Kitty Crew to test out were home runs! …get it?… Petco Park in San Diego and home runs! Not only were both products practical, they were also very stylish which is important in a multi-pet home and the boxes they came in were awesome for hiding and sleeping in too!

For more information on the Catit products and how you can have them for your very own, checkout the Petco website and the individual products for all their specs.

Catit-Senses Cat Scratcher

Catit-Senses Food Tree Cat Toy

Visit Catit and Petco on Twitter:

@Catit @Petco

Products were provided by Petco but these opinions are my own along with The Kitty Crew.

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