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Happy Presidents Day!

Today is Presidents Day and my good pals at PetPlan wanted to share with you their top-10 list of Presidential themed names.

Using Petplan data, they found that more pets are named after past Republican presidents than Democrats—by almost double! The Commander-in-Chief commanding the most copycat names? Theodore Roosevelt, of course (that’s Teddy for short).

Cute Sophia Loren on Presidents Day

Here’s our top-10 Presidential pet names (infographic below):

1. Theodore Roosevelt

2. George Bush

3. George Washington

4. Chester Arthur

5. Harry Truman

6. Jimmy Carter

7. Franklin Roosevelt

8. Woodrow Wilson

9. Abe Lincoln

10. Franklin Pierce

Don’t know if this qualifies as fake news or not, but one Presidential name that didn’t make the list is our current Commander and Chief, Donald Trump.

Honorable mention for originality goes to Catvin Coolidge!

First Lady names are also in fashion—from Mary Todd Lincoln to Eleanor Roosevelt, pet parents love paying tribute to the women of the White House.

PetPlan Infographic

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