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I'm as comfortable in front of the movie camera as I am on the fashion runway! Check out this selection of videos featuring li'l ol' me just below! I also have my very own YouTube channel!

Cute Sophia Loren Nokia

Christmas time always reminds me of my Nokia cell phone commercial where had a wonderful time celebrating canine Christmas with my doggie pals

Cute Sophia Loren Nokia

Kelly Ripa spied me on the red carpet for an exclusive, pre-Oscars interview, and I was happy to oblige!

On the Runway during LA Fashion Week 2017

"Where The Humans Are The Accessories" — Dogs Takeover LA Fashion Week at The Beverly Hilton Hotel

Pet Couturier Anthony Rubio is no stranger to the runways. He had a plan in place to break the stigma and barriers presenting the first full canine couture show as escorted by human models wearing his women's wear fashions during LA Fashion Week. Cute Sophia Loren accompanied model Du Chen (Miss China USA) on the runway this year and wore an exquisite, one-of-a-kind floral gown with detachable skirt.Every season Anthony Rubio partners up with animal shelters to include dogs that are up for adoption in his show. This season he included two dogs from the Amanda Foundation based in Beverly Hills. Cute Sophia Loren featured at 7:38 and again at 11:44.

Doggiwear Commercial

A monthly clothing subscription box for your Dogi!

Trip Advisor Commercial

Commercial for the 2014 Trip Advisor Contest.

Sophia Loren & Turner Classic Movies

Sophia Loren at the Turner Classic Movies Film Festival 2003 introducing one of her favorite movies, the original 1934 Thin Man starring the handsomely fuzzy Asta.​

Surf's Up!

Living in Southern California I have the chance to learn some fun things! Here I am enjoying the day surfing!​

Starwind Montana Commercial

Starwind Montana is a family-owned manufacturer of high-end, "Earth Friendly," and chemical free pet furniture and products.

Sophia Loren Celebrates her 3rd Birthday

Sophia Loren invited her best paw friends and their human companions to celebrate her 3rd birthday party and fundraiser for, New Mexico Dogs Deserve Better (NMDDB). 

New Yorkie Runway

Sophia Loren was selected to walk the runway during New York Fashion Week. She was a top vote-getter thanks to her special story and her fashion-forward style.

Sophia After Surgery

This was me the day after my surgery. My two back legs have screws now. Thank you to Auntie Annette and her Healing Touch that helped me feel better quicker. 

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